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The Tourism Research Division is responsible for ensuring accessible, timely, high-quality market intelligence and research relevant to future planning and growth of the tourism sector in Newfoundland and Labrador. This includes developing and implementing a research strategy and plan that provides industry and government with relevant and timely information and analysis and establishing performance indicators to annually measure the success of Tourism Vision 2020.

The Division works to identify and prioritize research to drive strategic directions regarding market trends and opportunities, changing traveller profiles, and consumer behaviours. The Division seeks to enhance research capabilities through the development of research partnerships with academic institutions and other traditional and non-traditional partners. The Division works to ensure high-quality research is readily available to further aid strategic industry decision making. The Division communicates research findings in a timely manner to support sound business decisions.


  • Monitors, records, analyzes and evaluates travel and tourism statistics and research as well as economic and social data and trends to support department decision making
    • Maintains a comprehensive statistical database that permits measurement and monitoring of various key statistical industry indicators
    • Collects, enters, stores and analyzes monthly occupancy reports from the accommodation operators in accordance with Section 16 of the Tourist Establishment Regulations and Access to Information Protection of Privacy Act
    • Prepares regular tourism performance, outlook and early indicators reports on the tourism industry including provincial estimates of non-resident visitor volumes and expenditures
  • Provides the evaluation framework to monitor performance in implementing Tourism Marketing and Tourism Product Development plans and to assess performance of tourism programs
  • Conducts primary and secondary research relating to focus areas of the department's tourism mandate
  • Ensures and facilitates dissemination and sharing of travel/tourism information, research findings and market intelligence to support business decision making
  • Partners with industry stakeholders and regional tourism organizations to support industry growth
  • Works with other government departments and agencies in the development and application of statistical and economic impact indicators to enhance understanding of industry benefits and to measure industry performance
  • Collaborates with other provincial and federal partners to develop and implement research projects
  • Responds to internal and external requests for information related to travel and tourism research and analysis


Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation; other provincial government departments; federal government departments and agencies; ACOA; tourism operators; tourism industry associations; economic development/zone boards; destination marketing agencies; provincial and federal research partners; consultants; policy makers; planners; financial agencies; researchers and the general public.


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