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Travel Media Program

The Travel Media Program plays an integral role in maximizing consumer and trade awareness of Newfoundland and Labrador through unpaid media coverage in key markets. Travel media includes freelance journalists, travel editors, broadcasters, producers, and travel trade media.


Help us keep the media informed of what's new in Newfoundland and Labrador. Send us information about new travel products, events, personalities, folklore, and regional descriptions for unique travel story opportunities. The information you send us is used to pitch unique story ideas to media and to initiate and plan media tours to Newfoundland and Labrador for qualified journalists. You can also submit articles on new tourism products and attractions for Destination Canada and various media association newsletters.

Media Tours and Press Trips

Co-host travel media at your business as they tour Newfoundland and Labrador to experience our tourism products first-hand. You can participate by sharing costs or in-kind contributions with Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism for these tours.

Sales Activities

Media receptions, promotions, and sales calls in our key geographic markets are crucial elements in our travel media program. Many of these activities are done in partnership with Destination Canada and the Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership (ACTP).

Media Marketplaces

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