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Tourist Establishment Licence Requirements

Accommodations Campground and Outfitting operators must have a Tourist Establishment License to operate and be considered for publishing in the Traveller’s Guide, on, or and

New Accommodations, Campground and Outfitting operators must meet the requirements for licensing as outlined in Tourist Establishment Licencing Program.

Accommodations, campgrounds and outfitters must submit their occupancy reports as a Tourist Establishment Licence requirement. The accumulated results from all operators, is a critical source of information on the trends, performance and the economic impact of the Tourism Industry regionally and provincially.

Existing Accommodations and Campground operators must meet the following requirements by August 28 of each year:

  1. Occupancy records for the current year must be provided up to and including July.
  2. Canada Select file must be up to date.

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To apply/renew for a Tourist Establishment Licence and to submit occupancy statistics online:

For information contact:

NL Tourism Operator Portal Team

Eva Trickett

Tourist Establishment Licencing Officer – Accommodations and Campgrounds
Tel: (709) 729-2835

Paula Devereaux

Tourist Establishment Licencing – Outfitters
Tel: (709) 729-6857

Roger Haynes

Research Analyst – Occupancy Statistics Reporting
Tel: (709) 729-2976





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