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Target Markets

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism will focus and concentrate its resources against the target audiences and markets which offer the best opportunity and the highest return on investment. The target market is the non-resident touring and explorer market with concentration in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Halifax and Montreal. Additional geographic markets include the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States, California and the UK. Activity-based markets include Meetings, Convention and Incentive Travel market, the Hunting and Fishing market, the Hiking market and partnerships in Outdoor Adventure and Cruise markets.

Touring & Explorer Market

The touring and explorer group is a broad leisure market seeking sightseeing and soft-adventure experiences – from nature viewing to cultural experiences to hiking, birding, and whale-watching.

Demographically, research reveals them to be singles and couples in the pre- and post-full nest stage of the family life cycle (i.e., they have no children living at home). Not surprisingly, they tend to be in two age groups: 25 to 34 and (skewed) 45+ years of age.

They also tend to be well-educated and have a higher than average proportion who are university-educated and have higher than average household incomes.

Psychographically, they see themselves as increasingly sophisticated and experienced travellers, seeking more unusual places and experiences 'off the beaten track'. They are looking for an antidote to the stress and plastic composition of urban life and modern times. They're interested in discovering and experiencing the unspoiled natural environment. They are curious people, more interested in unexpected and intriguing experiences than repeat trips to conventional 'tourist' destinations: "been there, done that."

Marketing efforts in the United States will shift from the New England region to the Mid-Atlantic region for Newfoundland and Labrador. These travellers are seeking adventure and cultural experiences in new destinations. To maximize our efforts, Newfoundland and Labrador works cooperatively with through the Atlantic Canada Agreement on Tourism (ACAT). ACAT is a nine-member, pan-Atlantic partnership comprising of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the four Atlantic Canada Tourism Industry Associations, and the four provincial departments responsible for tourism.

The international market is developmental for Newfoundland and Labrador, with low penetration but with long-term potential and high-spend per visitor. Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism will continue to pursue this market in partnership with ACAT, with primary focus being on the United States and the United Kingdom.

Marketing activities include travel trade partnerships, familiarization tours, trade shows, media relations, and joint marketing with Destination Canada. Destination Canada and its industry partners have launched a new global advertising campaign in the UK, Germany, and France. ACAT is a partner in this UK program to build more consumer awareness of the region.

Meetings, Conventions & Incentive Travel Market

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism provides consultation, materials support, and mailing assistance to international, national, and regional conference organizers hosting conventions and meetings in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Incentive travel is a global management tool that uses an exceptional travel experience to motivate and/or recognize staff for increased levels of performance in support of organizational goals. Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism provides consultation, marketing, and product development support to industry suppliers in this lucrative market. Trade shows and marketplaces are available through partnership opportunities in North American markets.

Hunting & Fishing Market

Newfoundland and Labrador offers hunters and sport fish enthusiasts some of the most amazing and rewarding outdoor recreation experiences in the world.

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism partners with the Newfoundland and Labrador Outfitters Association (NLOA) to develop a fully-integrated marketing program for the hunting and fishing market.


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