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Online Partnership Opportunities

Tourism operators can leverage their online presence with Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism by participating in online marketing opportunities on and within our social media networks.


Website Listings

Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism operators can feature their accommodation, campground, attraction, festival, event, tour, hunting and fishing establishment, shop or gallery on opens new window, and the Traveller's Guide at no cost.

A listing is provided when tourism operators register in the Tourism Destination Management System (TDMS) - a database that houses all tourism operator information and is used to create business listings on, and the Traveller's Guide. For more information on tourism operator listings and TDMS, click here.

Please note that the list of restaurants on is provided by the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland & Labrador. To get a listing, restaurateurs should contact the association opens new window.

Enhanced Website Listings

There are a couple of easy and free ways that tourism operators can use to enhance your website listing on opens new window.

Social Media Links

Tourism operators can engage with visitors by listing their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog) within their business listing on

To add social media links, operators must update their existing business listing on TDMS using the web update system opens new window.

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Extended Web Description

This opportunity allows operators to write an extended website marketing description on There are 500 character spaces to describe the business in great detail and to highlight any special features for potential visitors.

To change the website description, operators must update their business listing within TDMS (TDMS) using the web update system opens new window.

Map Listings

Throughout, there are various interactive maps that assist users with trip planning. The maps include tourism operator locations, contact information, and directions.

  1. The Interactive Map allows users to search and display accommodations, festival and events, outfitters, attractions, parks and campgrounds, and shops and tours throughout the province.
  2. Single Point Maps appear on each tourism operator listing on This plots your business on an interactive map, and allows users to get directions and search for services and attractions nearby.
  3. Special Interest Maps appear on various pages through the "Things to Do" opens new window and "Places to Go" opens new window sections on These maps assist users with their trip planning by serving maps based on the activity or place they are interested in, such as Birdwatching, Golfing or Gros Morne National Park.

Map listings on are free and are created using the GPS coordinates provided in TDMS. For more information on operator listings and TDMS, click here.

Every effort has been made to ensure that tourism businesses are accurately displayed on the trip planning maps. Should a tourism operator discover that their business is missing or in the wrong location, please refer to the instructions in the PDF document below on how to determine GPS coordinates.

How to get latitude and longitude for your business PDF (1.7 MB)

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Packages Program

Newfoundland & Labrador tourism operators can create and feature a travel package on's Special Offers opens new window page.

The Special Offers page is consistently one of the top viewed pages on Packages have very high visibility throughout the website and social media channels. In particular, travel packages can be found on:

  • Homepage
  • Special Offers Page
  • A Special Edition of the eNewsletter
  • Tourism Operator Listings
  • Applicable "Things to Do" Pages (eg. Whale Watching, Hiking, Iceberg Viewing)
  • Social marketing posts on Facebook and Twitter

Packages are also supported by multi-media resident marketing campaigns. To participate, packages must meet the program criteria. For more information on the Packages Marketing Program, click here.

The Department of Tourism, Culture & Recreation also offers a Package Mentoring and Workshop Program where operators receive package counseling and a free package placement. For more information on the program, please contact your Regional Destination Management Organization (DMO).

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Social Media Program

Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism uses social marketing tools to engage with visitors, build its online presence and contribute to online travel discussions. Tourism Operators are encouraged to use these tools as a means to engage with people interested in Newfoundland & Labrador. Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism pulls social media content from all channels into relevant pages on opens new window.

The most important aspect of social media is engagement. Simply being on these channels and pushing out promotional material is not enough. Operators should communicate and contribute to conversations both with Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism and potential travellers.

Chatter opens new window

Chatter is Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism's online base for all things social. This is where YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr content are aggregated on one convenient page. It is a place for visitors and tourism operators to stay up to date on the latest news and browse through stunning videos and photos. Tourism operators can share any content on by using the "share" buttons located in the top right-hand corner of each page.

Twitter opens new window

Twitter answers the question, "What are you doing?" in 140 characters. Twitter is a great place to engage with consumers and tell real time news stories, and is overall a very efficient and effective platform for communication.

Operators should follow @NLtweets opens new window, retweet tweets, and engage in conversations by monitoring travel keywords. @IcebergTweets opens new window is used to tweet about real time iceberg sightings, so if you know of an iceberg sighting, you can send it there. You can also join the conversation about travel in Newfoundland and Labrador by using the hashtag #TravelNL opens new window. Tourism operators should also follow other operators, travel writers and bloggers.

Follow us @NLtweets opens new window - @IcebergTweets opens new window - #TravelNL opens new window

Facebook opens new window

Tourism operators can become fans of Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism and start their own page to help promote their business. Join in conversations with potential travellers, add photos and videos, and answer travel-related questions.

Tourism operators should not solely post promotional material to the Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism wall. Operators should use the wall to answer travel questions posed by travelers, tell stories, listen to what others are saying, respond to posts, and engage in conversations.

Tourism operators can inform Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism of special products, events, or news stories for potential content for the Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism Facebook page.

Youtube Channel opens new window

Tourism operators can watch, share or comment on Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism's television ads and digital vignettes online. Operators are encouraged to send in their own videos to be favourited and included on Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism's channel. Some of the best viral video content is provided by operators and their guest travelers. Videos hosted on the Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism channel are pulled into's video tabs and multimedia pages.

Flickr Photostream opens new window

Operators can browse through or share Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism's photos on Flickr, containing hundreds of professional quality images. Please note permission from Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism is required to use these images in promotional material. Tourism operators can send Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism images they would like to share via email or through Facebook opens new window.

Travel Blog and News opens new window

Operators can read and share the experiences of visitors, journalists and Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism staff as they travel the province. Visitors, journalists and bloggers are invited to submit their stories for the Newfoundland & Labrador Travel Blog or News room. Operators may submit blogs for consideration if they represent an unbiased view of tourism in the province.

Experts and aficionados in a popular tourism subject may contact Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism about becoming a regular blogger. Operators are encouraged to create and develop their own blogs to increase their web presence and provide valuable trip planning advice to travellers.

How to Enhance Customer Relations through Listening and Feedback

Tourism operators should be monitoring the internet to see what's being said about their business, positive or negative.

Conversations are happening online regardless of whether operators are there or not, so it's important to have an active voice and presence online to receive feedback and communicate with potential and former customers.

Operators should show their audience that they are receptive to feedback and transparent. The online world is the perfect medium to improve customer relations and influence brand perceptions.

Tourism operators should monitor their social media channels as well as Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism's. Use monitoring tools such as TweetDeck and Google Alerts, and be sure to monitor travel sites such as TripAdvisor.

Social Media Tips

  1. Keep it professional. Separate personal and professional business accounts.
  2. Build conversations and relationships. Encourage interaction by sharing posts from fans, starting conversations, engaging in discussions, and asking questions and opinions.
  3. Share engaging content. Share interesting, compelling and unique content, including visuals (photos and videos).
  4. Stick to your brand. Speak from a consistent brand voice and feature photos and videos that capture your brand.
  5. Deliver value to fans. Reward ambassadors and give exclusive access to content, offers, or promotions.
  6. Post regularly. Create a content strategy and schedule so you can schedule posts ahead of time.
  7. Know your target audience. Post content that is relevant to your brand, products and services.
  8. Know our target audience. Feedback on government policy and initiatives should be sent to appropriate contacts within government. Such content is not appropriate for consumer-facing social media sites. For a list of contacts, visit the contact us page.

^ Top of Page opens new window is a website that allows travellers to locate icebergs while on the ground. Through the use of satellite technology and an ambassador program, showcases an interactive map with iceberg plottings throughout the province.

The ambassadors are a team of berg-spotters made up of Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism staff and tourism operators. The province's Visitor Information Centres opens new window lead the team by making daily calls across the province to locate and plot icebergs on If you'd like to join the ambassador team, please email us. If you'd like to report an iceberg or inaccuracy, or you want to share your own iceberg photos or videos, please visit the Report a Berg opens new window page on


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