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Listings on and in the Annual Traveller's Guide

Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism manages the official consumer website opens new window and produces the annual Traveller's Guide.

The website and the Traveller's Guide provide trip planning information, and listings of attractions, accommodations, tours, shops, and festivals and events.

Listings are free to Newfoundland and Labrador operated tourism businesses.

Requirements for Listings

In 2013, the Tourism Assurance Program (TAP) was introduced to elevate traveller confidence in local tourism services and attractions by ensuring that all organizations promoted in Newfoundland and Labrador meet common minimum standards. TAP is a provincial industry-wide plan that identifies five minimum standards that all tourism operators must meet to be included in provincial/industry membership and partnership opportunities. Information is being collected in 2013; however, compliance to the standards does not come into effect until May 31, 2014.

The five minimum standards are:

  1. The ability to communicate and receive messages from customers by telephone, email and an online presence; and at a minimum accept credit, debit payment and or electronic payment and respond to inquiries on a daily basis.
  2. Possess and maintain valid licenses, permits and all other regulatory requirements to operate.
  3. Maintain current and sufficient levels of liability insurance. Proof of insurance to be provided upon request.
  4. Must promote actual experiences or services being offered to the consumer.
  5. Must be in good standing with Tourism Assurance Plan's complaints procedure.

For more detailed information on the five standards please visit or contact your Destination Management Organization or the TDMS Team

Accommodations and Campground operators must have a Tourist Establishment License before being listed on or in the Traveller's Guide.

New Accommodations and Campground operators must meet the requirements for licensing as outlined in Tourism Establishment Licencing Program (Roofed Accommodations & Campgrounds).

Existing Accommodations and Campground operators must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have your requirements for next year's license completed by August 28
  2. Have all your Accommodation Statistics Program (Tourist Establishment Monthly Statistical Report Form) up to date. To meet the deadline noted in point 1, this would mean all required statistical reports for the period ending July 31st should be on file with the department.
  3. Have your Canada Select and/or Camping select inspection fees paid.


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