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Brochure and Literature Distribution Policy (2019)

The Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation operates a tourism literature distribution program which assists Newfoundland and Labrador tourism groups/associations and private sector tourism operators to distribute and display their Literature free of charge at provincial and regional Visitor Information Centres (VICs). This document describes the operational guidelines for this service - specifically the types of literature accepted for distribution; literature content and design specifications; and the distribution process.

Materials will only be accepted from tourism businesses that are compliant under the Tourism Assurance Plan (TAP). Information on the Tourism Assurance plan can be found on the Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador website opens new window.

Types of Literature

Professionally printed Newfoundland and Labrador tourism oriented literature that is confirmed as TAP compliant and within the following guidelines will be accepted for distribution:

  •  Roofed accommodations
  •  Campgrounds
  •  Hunting and/or Angling Outfitters
  •  Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism Operators
  •  Tour Boat Operators
  •  Regional and Community Guides and Maps
  •  National, Provincial, Municipal Historic Sites and Museums
  •  Transportation Schedules
  •  Festivals and Events
  •  Tourist Attractions
  •  Regional/Local Tours
  •  Shopping that offers 50% or more of Newfoundland and Labrador produced goods
  •  Recreational Vehicle Rentals
  •  Inbound Tour Operators

Photocopies of brochures will not be accepted.
Posters will not be accepted.

Design Specifications

The following specifications allow each brochure to meet the size and shape of most display racks, prevent curling and bending, and be more visible and readable for the customer:

  • The name of the business/service should be prominently displayed on the top third of the brochure.
  • There are two recommended sizes (to fit most display rack spaces and allow the display of as many as possible):
    For Business Operators: 10 cm x 23 cm (4 in x 9 in)
    For Regional Guides: 15 cm x 23 cm (6 in x 9 in)
  • It is recommended that firm paper stock with a minimum paper weight of 160 (M) or 70 lb. be used.
  • While not obligatory, colour images (pictures) are recommended to make the brochure more appealing/attractive. The Department has a library of images that can be utilized (at no cost). For photo assistance contact:

    Andrew Weir, Advertising Officer

    Tel: (709) 729-5260
  • Brochures that do not fit in the brochure racks will not be accepted for distribution.

Distribution Process

Brochures may be dropped off directly at Provincial VIC's.

Note: The Department does not control what regional/local VIC's display. Most focus on their own areas.

In order to ensure the timely and equitable distribution of all eligible literature:

  • Your shipment must include a Tourism Literature Distribution Submission Form PDF
  • Your literature/brochures must be bundled in lots of either 50 or 100, enabling our Distribution Centre staff to quickly make allocations.
  • The maximum weight of cartons that will be accepted is 28 kilograms or 45 pounds.
  • The maximum quantity of brochures that you can ship to the Distribution Centre is 5,000, although a smaller amount is recommended to reduce your costs and the possibility of unused brochures. Provincial and Regional VICs order brochures from the Distribution Centre based on need and storage space restrictions.
  • Brochures and completed submission forms should be delivered to the Distribution Centre at least three weeks prior to the scheduled opening of the VIC's. Provincial and Regional VIC's open at different times but generally the Provincial VICs operate from mid-May to late September, except the St. John's International Airport and the Deer Lake Airport VICs which operate year round.
  • Typically, the initial shipment of brochures are delivered to the VIC's in early May. Following the initial shipments, brochures are ordered by the VICs on a weekly basis.
  • Note that while your brochures are distributed from the Distribution Centre to the VIC's free of charge, you are responsible for the cost of getting your brochures to the Distribution Centre. Likewise, it is the owner's responsibility to pick up or make arrangements for the return of any unused brochures.
  • It is the responsibility of the brochure owner to ensure that sufficient quantities are delivered to the Distribution Centre and to monitor the supply and replenish stock as necessary.

If the above noted guidelines are not met, the literature will not be distributed.

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Trudy Winter

Visitor Services Program Planner, Tourism Newfoundland & Labrador
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