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For free, Newfoundland & Labrador tourism operators can post travel offers/experience/packages on, and

Travel offers, packages or experiences are tours where travellers immerse themselves in the local culture and participate whenever and wherever they can or hunting and angling packages. They can be a couple of hours long or several days long.

These ads will appear in travel offers sections throughout the websites and may also be featured in other sections of the website, online advertising campaigns and through travel trade and media initiatives.

On, tourism businesses can submit:

  • Touring & Exploring Experiences: Travel offers/Packages/Experiences can include whale watching, iceberg viewing, hiking, historic sites, and hands-on culinary and cultural tours/experiences. Experiences may include cod/ocean fishing, a boil-up, or making blueberry jam. A music session, a guided hike to a resettled community, or participation in a historic reenactment. Other activities could involve music, food/wine tastings or instruction. Storytelling, painting, crafting, writing or photography can also make great experiences. These packages should be displayed on 12 months.
  • Holiday or Special Celebration Experiences: Christmas, New Years, St. Paddy’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • Winter Experiences: A package might include skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling. Maybe a romantic winter weekend or city-break. Shopping, sport, entertainment, downtown or culinary. How about a foodie winter break or a unique outdoor activity? Couple that with entertainment, pampering, or culinary experiences. These packages should be displayed throughout the Winter season.

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To add, edit or renew a Travel Offer/Experience/Package:

NL Tourism Operator Portal

Criteria and Portal Instructions:

NL Tourism Operator Portal User Guide

Assistance with development of travel offer, experiences and packages:

Destination Management Organizations


Experiences Toolkit

For Information:

Shelley Magnusson
Website and NL Tourism Portal Lead (Travel Offers and Experiences on
Tel: (709) 729-5251
Andrew Weir
Advertising Officer (Hunting and Angling Outfitter Packages)
Tel: 1-709-729-5260




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