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Season Extension

In an effort to extend the tourism season outside of the traditional July and August months, the division has been involved with two pilots, one on the Discovery Trail and the other in western Newfoundland. This Discovery Trail focus is on an extended fall season, whereas, the western focus is on encouraging travel in the spring season. Pursuing products for the shoulder and winter season has the potential to increase the return on investment of existing operators while providing a more favorable climate for additional investment and possibly attracting new investors to the industry.

These products also have potential to grow tourism in the province more generally as well as in the off season. The direction being pursued by the division includes:

  • Facilitating the development of tourism experiences and products that are not season dependent.
  • Develop best practices built around a number of pilot projects. This involves a collaborative effort among the stakeholders within a given region to develop an action plan for shoulder season operations.
  • Develop workshops on the opportunities, and the how to, of developing shoulder and winter season business. Attention will be given to programming, itineraries, packaging and value-added features;
  • Keeping our attractions open in the shoulder seasons, as well as restaurants and visitor information services;
  • When the product is available, a marketing program will support the product to attract visitors in the shoulder season, and promote resident travel.
  • These efforts will be sustained for a minimum of three years with the results tracked throughout. The lessons learned will assist other destination areas with similar initiatives;


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