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Regional Tourism Support Program

This program is responsible for delivering tourism product development counseling services at the regional level. In support of this objective, the unit is responsible for supporting the tourism planning and coordination efforts, while promoting Regional Economic Development Boards, Regional Tourism Associations, and other stakeholder groups as necessary. Program services provide interpretation of the overall strategy and policies of the Department to economic development groups,tourism associations as well as other groups and individuals involved in tourism in the region.

Regional Destination Development Plans

Strategic Tourism Product Development is a key priority for achieving the goal of reaching $1.6 billion in tourism spending by the year 2020 as outlined in Uncommon Potential: A Vision for Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism (Vision 2020). Through the collaborative entity of the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Board, private and public tourism partners identified the need for regional tourism product development plans to help focus and guide tourism stakeholders in their investments in tourism products, services and experiences. 

Destination Development planning with all tourism stakeholders produced five regional Destination Development Plans: Labrador, Western, Central, Eastern and St. John’s/Northeast Avalon. Through an intensive Tourism Destination Visitor Appeal Appraisal, substantial stakeholder consultation, analysis and prioritization in each of the regions, all five Destination Development Plans are completed and being implemented.



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