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Outdoor Product Development Program

The Outdoor Product Development Program delivers planning, development, coordination and control services related to commercial tourism opportunities associated with outdoor activities such as sport fishing, big game hunting, sea kayaking, ATVing and Off-road Recreational Vehicle (ORV) adventures, snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing and hiking. The program is responsible for planning and development of the outdoor product potential of the province. Specifically, it aims to improve the quality, quantity, utilization and return on investment/resource use from the outdoor product which may be developed for commercial purposes, provide an environment in which the commercial enterprises involved can prosper, ensure operators in this segment of the industry are knowledgeable in the levels of service, management practices, promotion techniques that will make their product competitive on a national and international basis, and develop and maintain a high profile for the department in having a lead role in the development of this segment of the tourism industry.


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