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Sector Development

The Division works collaboratively with business and stakeholders to grow and diversify the manufacturing industry within the province. The forging of partnerships and programming is designed to assist local manufacturers in identifying and developing creative and innovative solutions aimed to sustain and enhance the Provincial Manufacturing Sector.

The goals and objectives of the division focus in utilizing innovative thinking, embracing technology, and developing supportive programming directed at building and sustaining a healthy, diversified and growing industry.

Staff within the manufacturing sector are proactive in promoting and supporting capacity building, productivity improvement, Lean Manufacturing principles and philosophy and additional programming based on industry needs.

Current programming includes;


  • Productivity Awareness
  • Site Tours Productivity Assessment ( Lean Assessment )
  • Specialty Workshops Based on Industry Needs
  • Funding Programs and Sector Incentives
  • Industry Research


  • Productivity Improvement (Lean Manufacturing Principles)
  • Capacity Improvements/ Operational Efficiencies
  • Technology Adoption
Value added:
  • Leveraged Learning Networks
  • Provincial Conferences and Training Events
  • Referral Services

Manufacturing Insights Workshop

Manufacturing Insights is an initiative of the Sector Development Division, in cooperation with the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Business Service Network(CNLBSN) and the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters(CME).

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Joshua Carey

Manufacturing Specialist, Western
Sector Development Division
Tel: (709) 637-2994
Tel: (709) 639-7713

Jim Dunn

Senior Manufacturing Specialist, Corporate
Sector Development Division
Tel: (709) 729-7954


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