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Business Retention and Expansion Diagnostic

Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) is an internationally-recognized economic development approach by which existing local businesses are visited and interviewed to identify some of the issues limiting retention and expansion.

Businesses work one-on-one with an BTCRD Economic Development Officers (EDOs) to look holistically at their business operations and uncover issues and opportunities that may impact future plans and overall growth and success.

Businesses receive:

  • One-on-one, on-site consultation sessions with the EDOs regarding marketing and sales, operations, finance and accounting, human resources and management and future plans.
  • A report provided by the EDOs including a prioritized action plan, developed with the business.
  • Follow up care, if required, by BTCRD staff to provide an opportunity to the business to share ideas or feedback.

If you are an economic development stakeholder, you can request information on BR&E trends and issues in your region. Contact your our regional office closest to you, to discuss how this may help in the development of your strategic plans and proposals for development initiatives.


Sector Reports

Co-op BR&E Final Report PDF (1.2 MB)

Newfoundland and Labrador Outfitters Assoc. BR&E Final Report PDF (1.07MB)

St. John's Board of Trade BR&E Final Report PDF (1.24MB)

Eastern Tourism BR&E Final Report  PDF (1.1 MB)

Labrador Tourism BR&E Final Report PDF (1.0 MB)

Provincial Craft Sector BR&E Final Report PDF (2.4 MB)

Accelerated Market Readiness (AMR) BR&E Final Report PDF (145 kB)



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