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Provincial Park Reserves

Park Reserves protect areas with significant natural features and landscapes as part of a provincial initiative to protect representative portions of all the different ecoregions within this province. These areas have no day use or camping facilities. Currently there are 10 Park Reserves in the province.

Many of these Park Reserves were former Provincial Parks with the campground portion leased to private operators. The park reserve is the remaining land mass which was included in the former provincial park.

Park reserves are not open to camping.


Bellevue Beach

A long sand and beachrock bar separates the sea from a placid barachois, this area protects a beach complex, saltmarsh and habitat for migrating shorebirds. Rte. 201; 3 km off Rte. 1; 10 km from Bellevue.

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Duley Lake

Protection of the open lichen woodland which is representative of Ecoregion V (Labrador) is this park reserves main purpose. This park reserve is 6.90 km² in size. Located 10km from Labrador City.

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Fitzgerald's Pond

This area protects a population of globally rare lichen Erioderma pedicellatum. This reserve protects 1.63 km² of habitat. Located on the Avalon peninsula, Rte. 100; 18 km off Rte. 1; 15 km from Dunville.

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Flatwater Pond

Offers protection to an excellent example of a delta/marsh complex. The site was a former logging camp near the mining town of Baie Verte. It is located off Rte. 410; 56km of Rte. 1; 23 km from Baie Verte.

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Grand Codroy

This park reserve is in the magnificent Codroy Valley and offers a wonderful view of the Long Range Mountains. It protects a portion of a fluvial delta. Location; Rte. 406; 3 km off Rte. 1, near Doyles.

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Jack's Pond

This area preserves some of this province's rare plants. It also contains an area of high habitat diversity including; barren vegetation, wetlands and a forested stream valley. Rte. 1; 8 km from Arnold's Cove.

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Jipujijkuei Kuespem

Located on Rte. 360; near Bay d'Espoir on the south coast, this park reserve is part of the traditional hunting grounds of the Mi'kmaq people. Their descendants are still living in nearby Conne River on the Island's south coast. This reserve was created to protect examples of forested ecoregions, namely Ecoregions IE and IID.

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Jonathan's Pond

This park reserve preserves a majestic stand of white birch in central Newfoundland. It is located 16km from Gander on Rte. 330; 16 km off Rte. 1. It is 3.43 km² in size.

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Marine Drive

Consisting of 6.17 km², this park reserve is the youngest of the park reserves. It is an essential representative area of the northeastern barrens subregion.

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Windmill Bight

This park provides protection for the plateau bog which is found here, an element of Ecoregion VII. Located 3 km from Lumsden, Rte. 330; 97 km off Rte. 1 & 320.

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