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The purpose of the Public Education Awareness Program of the PAO is to increase awareness about archaeology and archaeological issues within the general public, the archaeology community, government and industry. Ways in which the information is distributed are by issuing an annual journal pertaining to fieldwork carried out in the past year; a web page which includes information on the PAO and its responsibilities, as well as general archaeology information; a Facebook page and an archaeology blog; presentations to various groups including school students, divers and industry; a brochure which includes similar information to what is on the web page; information packages distributed as requested which include brochures, newsletters, Historic Resources Act and any information available on developed archaeological sites.

Pinware Hill site (in blowout) southern Labrador-Oldest known archaeological site in the Province, 8800 B.P. Pinware Hill site (in blowout) southern Labrador - Oldest known archaeological site in the Province, 8800 B.P.


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