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Recent Indian Sites

Recent Indian Sites

It is suspected by archaeologists that some portion of the Recent Indian population that inhabited Labrador became the modern day Innu. Similarly, it is suspected that some portion of the Recent Indian population on the island became the Beothuk. In Labrador archaeologists have recognized two Recent Indian populations the earlier Daniel Rattle complex and the later Point Revenge complex. These are pre-European contact aboriginal groups. Since we don't know how they referred to themselves, archaeologists usually name them after the geographic location of the first site where they were recognized. The Daniel Rattle and Point Revenge complexes are thought to be essentially the same cultural group, however, their culture changed through time to the point where archaeologist have given it a different name. On the island archaeologists recognized three Recent Indian populations, the Cow Head, Beaches and Little Passage complexes. The latter two complexes are believed to be the ancestors of the Beothuk.

There are more than 200 known Recent Indian archaeological sites in the province. To learn more about the Recent Indians you can go to:


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