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Archaeology in Newfoundland and Labrador 1997
Edited by K. Nelmes

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  1. Stage 1 Historic Resources Overview Assessment of Wilson Lake Road Re-alignment and Evaluation of Trans Labrador Highway Upgrading
    Yves Labrèche and Roy Skanes
  2. Claim Block VA, Kogaluk River: Stage 1 Historic Resources Overview Assessment
    Ian Badgley
  3. Historic Resources Overview Assessments of Drill and Camp Sites in Northern Labrador, 1997
    Gerald Penney
  4. Report on Geotechnical Boreholes: Archaeology at Voisey's Bay, Labrador
    Yves Labrèche
  5. Archaeological Surveys Between the Nain and Hebron Regions, Northern Labrador, 1997
    Bryan C. Hood
  6. Heritage Study for Utshimassit Community Relocation Project, Sango Bay, Labrador, Phase 2
    Claude Rocheleau
  7. Report of an Historic Resources Evaluation: Goose Bay to East of Churchill Falls
    Roy Skanes
  8. In the Eagle's Nest: Archaeological Investigations in the Mistassini Lake Area, Upper Eagle River, South-Central Labrador
    Frederick A. Schwarz
  9. 1997 Archaeological Investigations at Cape Ray, Newfoundland
    Lisa Mae Fogt
  10. Burgeo Coast Archaeological Research Project: Interim Report
    Tim Rast
  11. Archaeological Excavations at Parke's Beach, 1997
    David Reader
  12. Stage 1 Historic Resources Assessment of Goose Arm Proposed Cottage Development
    Marianne P. Stopp
  13. Searching for the Maritime Archaic Indian Habitation Site at Port au Choix, Newfoundland: An Integrated Approach Using Archaeology, Geomorphology and Sea Level History
    M.A.P. Renouf and Trevor Bell
  14. Stage 1 Historic Resources Overview Assessment of the Silver Mountain Power Development, Upper Humber River, Newfoundland
    Sylvie LeBlanc and James A. Tuck
  15. Stage 1 Historic Resources Assessment of Green Island Lake/Eastern Lake Proposed Cottage Developments
    Marianne P. Stopp
  16. Field Report for the 1997 Fleur de Lys Archaeology Project
    John Erwin
  17. Investigation at the St. Anthony Bite Site (EiAv-1), August 1997
    David Reader
  18. Preliminary Report on a Site Visit to St. Lunaire-Griquet, August 18 & 19, 1997
    Ken Reynolds
  19. Stage 1 Historic Resources Assessment of Raft Pond, Mann Pond, and New Pond Proposed Cottage Developments
    Marianne P. Stopp
  20. An Archaeological Survey of Fogo Island, Newfoundland, 1997
    Donald H. Holly Jr.
  21. Stage 1 Historic Resources Overview Assessment: Southwest River, Newfoundland
    Roy Skanes
  22. A Stage 1 Historic Resources Assessment of Long Pond-Traverse Brook Cottage Development Area
    Marianne P. Stopp
  23. Historic Resources Overview Assessment: Stagg Pond Cottage Development Area
    Gerald Penney
  24. Burnside Heritage Foundation Incorporated, Activity Report for 1997
    Laurie McLean
  25. Stage 1 Historic Resources Impact Assessment: Come By Chance, Fox Head, Whiffen Head and Admiral's Beach, Newfoundland
    Roy Skanes
  26. Impact Assessment of a Proposed Duplex Site, Placentia, Newfoundland
    Barry Gaulton and Matthew Carter
  27. A Stage 1 Historic Resources Overview Assessment of the Proposed Waterline from Rattling Brook Big Pond to Highway 101
    Sylvie LeBlanc
  28. Archaeological Monitoring at the Lester/Garland Premises, Trinity, DcAi-8
    Roy Skanes
  29. Historic Resources Overview Assessment: Ten Commercial Harvesting Areas, Resource Management District 1 (Avalon Peninsula)
    Gerald Penney
  30. Dildo Island 1997 Field Season
    Sylvie LeBlanc
  31. Report of an Archaeological Investigation: Harbour Grace Boat Basin, Harbour Grace, Newfoundland
    Roy Skanes
  32. Baccalieu Trail Archaeology Project, 1997: Excavations at Cupids
    William Gilbert
  33. Archaeology at Ferryland, Newfoundland, 1997
    Matthew Carter, Barry Gaulton and James A. Tuck
  34. St. John's Waterfront Archaeology Project, 1997
    Peter Pope

* Cover Photo © 1997 Barry Gaulton and Matthew Carter.

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