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Archaeology in Newfoundland and Labrador 1996

Edited by K. Nelmes

Table of Contents

  1. Block I Project Study Area, Northern Labrador
    Ian Badgley
  2. Stage 1 Historic Resources Overview Assessment: South Voisey's Bay Project, Central Labrador
    Ian Badgley
  3. Archaeological Survey of Base Camps at Tasialuk Lake, Labrador, 1996
    Ian Badgley
  4. Voisey's Bay, Labrador: 1996 Fall Archaeology Project
    James Chism and Francoise Duguay
  5. Phase 2 Report on a Heritage Study for the Utshimassit Community Relocation Project, Sango Bay, Labrador
    Pierre Bibeau
  6. An Archaeological Survey of Grand Lake-North West River, Central Labrador, 1996
    Lynne M. Schwarz and Frederick A. Schwarz
  7. A Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment of an Outfitter's Lodge on the Eagle River, Labrador
    Ken Reynolds
  8. Report on an Historic Resources Overview Impact Assessment in the Alexis River Area, Port Hope Simpson, Labrador
    Doug Robbins
  9. The 1996 Excavation of a Dorset Palaeoeskimo Dwelling in Cape Ray Newfoundland; Interim Report
    Lisa Mae Fogt
  10. Stage 1 Historic Resources Impact Assessment at the Daniel's Harbour Whale Watching Site, Daniel's Harbour, Newfoundland
    Ken Reynolds
  11. Integrating Archaeology and Sea Level History at Port au Choix, Northwestern Newfoundland
    Trevor Bell and M.A.P. Renouf
  12. Preliminary Comments on Archaeological Sites at Bird Cove, Newfoundland 1997
    James A. Tuck
  13. An Archaeological Survey of Area 9, Forest Management District 14, Western Newfoundland
    F.A.C. Schwarz and L.M. Schwarz
  14. Impact Assessment for an Adventure Tourist Lodge, Upper Humber River
    Brent Murphy and Matthew Carter
  15. Stage 1 Historic Resources Overview Assessment: Rattle Brook, Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland
    Roy Skanes
  16. Burnside Heritage Foundation 1996 Activities Report
    Laurie McLean
  17. The Russell's Point Beothuk Site, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland
    William Gilbert
  18. Trinity Bight Archaeology Project, 1996
    Roy Skanes
  19. Lester Garland Premises Archaeology Project, 1996
    Roy Skanes
  20. Placentia Archaeological Survey, 1996
    Barry Gaulton and Matthew Carter
  21. The Dorset Occupation of Dildo Island: Preliminary Field Report, 1996
    Sylvie LeBlanc
  22. Excavations at Cupids, 1996
    William Gilbert
  23. Archaeological Excavations at Parke's Beach, Bay of Islands, 1996: Groswater and Dorset Palaeoeskimo and Beothuk Components
    David Reader
  24. Excavations at Ferryland, 1996
    James A. Tuck
  25. The Marshall Site, St. John's, Newfoundland
    Peter Pope
  26. An Archaeological Salvage Excavation at Quidi Vidi Battery, Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland
    Roy Skanes


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