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On July 20, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador took the next step in its approach to fostering greater innovation and accelerating business growth with the creation of InnovateNL. InnovateNL, through the Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation, is a single-window for the delivery of provincial innovation programs and services to clients in a seamless and more efficient manner.

InnovateNL will result in:

  • Streamlined client access to government supports;
  • Leveraging of research and innovation resources;
  • The extension of innovation programming province-wide;
  • A full continuum of supports for clients from idea to market to internationalization;
  • Other non-funding business supports provided to clients and available in a timely manner;
  • A focus on research and technology investments to projects/clients with global reach; and,
  • Building on priorities of The Way Forward.

There will be no changes to research and development program funding allocations. In total, InnovateNL will bring the Department’s combined current budget for economic development to approximately $40 million.

To guide the priorities of InnovateNL, a Board of Directors of NL Innovation Council has been appointed.

For more information on Innovate NL and the NL Innovation Council, view the news release here:

Innovate NL Program Application Forms

For further information about accessing innovation programming, please contact:

Transition Leads:
Non-Commercial Programs - Ed Janes 729-7436
Commercial Programs - Bill Woolridge 729-7123

List of Contracted Projects

Contracted Projects to November 8, 2017 PDF (360 KB)

Clients of RDC

For clients of RDC needing to access claims forms, please see the Claims Package link below.
Claims Package Forms

If you have any questions regarding the status of a payment please contact either:

For questions related to a progress/final report please contact your Account Manager.

Commercial Account Managers

Non-Commercial Account Managers

For more information, please consult this list of Frequently Asked Questions.


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