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Operational Support for Community and Regional Heritage Organizations

Operational support is provided to museums, archives, historical societies and historic trusts to assist in the preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage.

Please note that the funding for 2018/19 has been allocated.



General Eligibility Criteria:

  • Have as their primary purpose the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of the province. Eligible groups will be limited to museums, archives, historical societies and historic trusts (preservation of built heritage).
  • Be governed by an incorporated, non-profit board of directors elected by a membership open to the general public.
  • Be active members of MANL External Link icon or ANLA External Link icon. This condition does not apply to province-wide organizations.
  • Eligible organizations may be committees of town councils or other incorporated bodies, or they may be independent of any such bodies.
  • Regional organizations are also eligible to receive support if their primary focus is on heritage. Such organizations are defined as representing individuals or groups on a regional basis, as being managed by a board of directors with representation from throughout the region, and as offering programs to all parts of the region. Regional organizations must be current members of either  MANL External Link icon or ANLA External Link icon to be eligible to apply for this support.

The CEDP Heritage Advisory Committee has developed minimum standards that all groups must meet in order to be eligible for Operational support. These minimum standards are:

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Compliance with the Tourism Assurance Plan (TAP)
  3. Collections Management Policy and Procedures

For further information about the minimum standards, please contact the CEDP Heritage Officer.

Organizations Not Eligible to Apply
Because of the limited budget of the program, the following are ineligible to apply for assistance:

  • Privately-owned museums or archives, or those operated for profit
  • School based museums and archives
  • Municipalities and churches/parishes that do not have heritage committees
  • Federal or Provincial institutions
  • Natural history based organizations

Eligible Costs

Operational support can be used to cover costs related to:

  • salaries
  • professional services (consultants, conservators, researchers, archivists, etc.)
  • materials and supplies (reference materials, conservation supplies, etc.)
  • development of exhibits and interpretive programming
  • public programs (lectures, educational activities, receptions, etc.)
  • collections research
  • publications and websites
  • advertising and other promotions
  • travel to provincial and national heritage conferences and training events
  • board travel (for province-wide and regional organizations)
  • rent or mortgage
  • office costs (utilities, insurance, supplies, etc.)
  • cleaning and minor building maintenance.

Capital costs (such as roof repairs, extensions, etc.) are not eligible costs.


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