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Funding is available to non-profit heritage organizations and individual heritage practitioners whose principal activity is in the cultural heritage sector (e.g. community museums, archives, built heritage, intangible cultural heritage and the material culture sector).

Applications will be considered beginning April 1. While there is no deadline for Heritage Project Support, due to the heavy demand on the program and the limited funding, it is recommended that organizations submit their applications as close to April 1 as possible.

This funding is intended for projects, not on-going programs. A project is defined as an activity that has a definite start and end date (within one year), specific goals and objectives. It is recommended that applicants discuss their heritage project proposal with the Heritage Officer at a preliminary stage, to clarify eligibility and to receive feedback as to program priorities.

To apply for Project Support, community and regional heritage groups must:

  • Be active members of The Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador or The Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives
  • Have as their primary purpose the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of the province. Eligible groups will be limited to museums, archives, historical societies and historic trusts (preservation of built heritage)
  • Be governed by an incorporated, non-profit board of directors elected by a membership open to the general public
  • Eligible organizations may be committees of town councils or other incorporated bodies, or they may be independent of any such bodies.

All project applications are reviewed by the Working Committee for the Cultural Economic Development Program. In reviewing applications, the following criteria will be considered:

  • Professional involvement
  • How the project will enhance sustainability
  • Clear project objectives, workplan and budget
  • How the project is related to the organization’s mandate and plan

Due to the limited funding available, eligibility does not imply an automatic right to assistance. Funding will complement other federal and provincial funding programs and applicants will be expected to seek support from other sources. Applicants must contribute a minimum of 10% to the eligible costs of a project. In addition:

  • only one project application per year will be considered by the committee from the same organization
  • multi-year projects are not normally considered for support, however if a project has a number of distinct phases it may be considered if we know in advance the anticipated timeline.


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