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Indigenous Cultural Heritage Program

Formerly the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Program.

This program supports Indigenous projects that involve the safeguarding of traditions and culture, including language; traditional knowledge and skills; storytelling, music, games and other pastimes; knowledge of the landscape; customs, cultural practices and beliefs; food customs; and living off the land.

Eligible Projects

  • Documenting and inventorying cultural traditions
  • Passing on cultural knowledge through teaching, demonstrations, publications, websites and other educational and awareness-raising activities
  • Recognizing and celebrating traditions, and those with traditional skills, through awards and special events
  • Identifying and supporting cultural enterprises that employ aspects of traditional culture (for example, craft production and cultural tourism)
  • Professional Development for cultural workers, educators and knowledge holders


Established Indigenous organizations with a cultural focus are eligible to apply. Professionals (Indigenous artisans, cultural workers and educators) can apply for professional skills development if they have a demonstrated background in culture and have community support.

An Indigenous Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee, including representatives from Indigenous organizations, reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the Department on project funding.

Program Deadline

There is one deadline annually: May 20

Project Funding

The maximum project funding available is $15,000. For projects that involve recognizing and celebrating traditional culture in events of short-term duration, the maximum funding is $1,000. While projects can be funded up to 100% of eligible costs, applicants are strongly encouraged to show other contributions, either financial or in-kind.


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