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Trade Policy represents this province's interests in interprovincial trade agreements, including the Agreement on Internal Trade opens new window and the Atlantic Procurement Agreement opens new window as well as international trade agreements such as the World Trade Organization opens new window and the North American Free Trade Agreement opens new window. The unit is responsible for protecting Newfoundland and Labrador's interests in internal and international trade negotiations, ensuring that this province's activities are consistent with existing trade agreements and managing trade disputes.

Trade Policy aids Newfoundland and Labrador residents and companies who encounter barriers to trade (e. g.: not recognizing professional qualifications, residency requirements) when dealing with other provinces and territories or other nations. Most trade agreements like the Agreement on Internal Trade have dispute resolution mechanisms which give complainants an opportunity to voice their concerns about a barrier to trade.


If you have questions about a trade agreement or have encountered a barrier to trade and would like to discuss your situation and/or launch a complaint, please contact:

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