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Innovation and Advanced Technology Division


The Innovation and Advanced Technology Division provides policy development, strategic planning and the implementation of the provincial innovation agenda. The division works to increase the overall profile and competitiveness of key advanced technology sectors, including:

  • defence and aerospace;
  • environmental technologies;
  • information and communications technology (including broadband); and
  • life sciences.

The division partners with internal and external stakeholders to maximize the impact of business innovation in Newfoundland and Labrador's entrepreneurship ecosystems. Specifically, the division:

  • collaborates with stakeholders from the private, public and academic sectors to foster business development and commercialization, research and development and knowledge and technology transfer;
  • provides support to industry, business, labour, and academic institutions involved in innovation projects;
  • provides incentives to encourage innovation and technology commercialization;
  • works closely with a broad range of technology sectors to enhance community involvement in innovation creation and adaptation;
  • promotes business opportunities in both established and emerging industries;
  • collaborates with industry, economic development groups and all levels of government to develop and implement strategies that support the growth and diversification of strategic sectors; and
  • encourages and supports youth innovation as part of creating a culture of innovation in Newfoundland and Labrador.


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