Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation

Arts and Heritage Branch


The Branch provides:

  • support for the development of sustainable economic growth in the cultural industries;
  • support for the arts and the fostering of creativity;
  • preservation of the province's cultural heritage and historic resources and recognition of their importance; and
  • promotion of participation in recreation and sport, and support for sport development.


  • operating historic sites, arts and culture centres and recreation facilities;
  • the regulatory protection of archaeological sites and artifacts;
  • supporting directed archaeological research;
  • supporting development of the arts and heritage sectors through a number of programs and services including financial assistance;
  • providing opportunities for physical activity and participation in recreation and sport through various programs and services including financial assistance and consultative services.


  • Artists including the Visual and Performing Arts, Literary Arts, Books and Periodical Publishing, Film and Video and Sound Recording
  • Recreation participants (physical activity)
  • Recreation providers (physical activity)
  • Aboriginal people
  • Aboriginal Governments and groups
  • Athletes
  • Teams
  • Coaches
  • Officials
  • Rental Clients (Arts and Culture Centres)
  • The Rooms
  • Schools
  • Memorial University
  • Cultural Entrepreneurs and Cultural Industries (including both arts and heritage)
  • Sector/Industry Organizations and Provincial Associations (recreation and sport, arts and heritage)
  • Non-Profit and Community-Based Organizations
  • Municipalities
  • The provincial Departments of Health and Community Services, Education, Human Resources, Labour and Employment, and Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs
  • The Department of Canadian Heritage.


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