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Cultural Heritage seeks to protect, preserve and interpret the province's cultural heritage in association with the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador (HFNL), and provides attractions and infrastructure in support of the tourism industry. Programs include: Provincial Historic Sites (PHS), Provincial Archaeology Office (PAO), Designation and Commemorations, Sustaining Grants, Heritage Grants and the heritage component of the Community Economic Development Program (CEDP).


Individuals, private companies, not-for-profit organizations, partnerships, cooperatives, and provincially-based sectoral organizations whose principal activity is in one of the following: community museum, material culture, built heritage; cultural heritage; intangible heritage; and archives. Provincial and municipal government departments, agencies, foundations and other public entities with an interest in heritage. Aboriginal persons and groups. Private and institutional owners of heritage properties. Persons in the public who wish to nominate persons, places or events of provincial significance. Students and teachers especially elementary and junior high schools. Municipalities. Tourists. Through the Provincial Archaeology Program, clients and stakeholders include: Memorial University, School Students, Industry, ie. Construction, Mining, Forestry, Diving Clubs, Community Service Groups, ie. Rotary Club, Kinsmen Clubs, Grand Concourse Authority, General Public, Community-based organizations, Regional Economic Development Boards, and Professional Archaeologists in the Province, across Canada and internationally.

The Division also works with many federal, provincial and municipal governments, departments and agencies including the Nunatsiavut Government.


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