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Suggestions for the Presentation of Visual Art

For those entrants whose visual art has been selected for inclusion in the Arts and Letters Awards exhibition at The Rooms, it is recommended that you use simple, neutral colours. Avoid “dressing up” your artwork with coloured mats and/or busy framing, which can distract from the work. The best way to highlight your work is to let it stand on its own.

The following are suggested approaches to the presentation of visual art.

  1. Works on Paper, Framing with Glass
    • Use a white or off-white single or double mat.
    • Choose a mat with a slightly larger lower border than the top and sides to create a more balanced visual effect.
    • Use a simple metal or wooden frame.
  2. Works on Canvas or Board, Framing without Glass
    • Use a simple wooden frame in a neutral colour.
    • If you use a liner to separate the frame from the artwork, keep it simple and neutral.
  3. Unframed Works on Canvas or Board
    • All edges of your canvas should be painted white and clean.
    • If the edge is wood be sure to have it neatly finished.


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